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2017-04-10 08:52 am

Greeting... something new to try

I do not know how often I will use this but the new policy over at Livejournal has caused me to change. I am now boycotting livejournal and hope that you will be kind and join me in voicing our thoughts through action. I will be more then likely deleting my livejournal account as soon as I feel I have gotten all that I can off of it.

Take care all and thank you for supporting my wife and I, but more importantly, supporting the LGBTQ community.
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2012-06-27 10:10 pm

(no subject)

I must find something good in everyday.. then why is it so hard today to find the good when there is so much hate, war, and unwillingness to find compermize in our lives.
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2011-01-18 10:05 am

(no subject)

What do you do when a family member refuses to except who you are today and you are not the teenager you were 15+ years ago?

I want to have a good cry when this drama is all over.
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2010-08-14 11:59 pm

Craft get together

Looking are doing my "Craft day" on Augest 28th. Let me know if you are interested. It is a potluck, and bring your own projects, or let me know if there is something you are interested in learning or teaching others. Starts at Noon, till we all get tired or I kick you out. *smiles*
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2010-04-22 07:32 pm

Craft get together

To all my crafting folks in Washington: I was thinking of my first summer get togeather On May 22nd. Let me know if this is good for any of you. It is a pot luck, and bring your own craft to work on, and or bring something to teach, or let me know if ther is something you want to learn that we can find someone to teach you. It is an all day event, come and go as you wish, even if it is for an hour. Starting at Noon.
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2010-04-15 11:00 am

WANTED: Books lost

I lent 2 of my books that involved "Teach Yourself HTM Visualy".

If you know where they are, know who may have them, or if you have them, Please let me know. I am in need of getting them back so I can use them again, and I really can't afford to replace them right now.

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2010-04-13 01:36 pm

Just because

I had a few mins to upload a new Pic I found a few days ago. So this gives me a chance to use it.

Update on my health: It is slowly getting better. Taking lots of time, and finding the right coctail that works. Involves taking a great number of medication. Granted, It is very unsetteling to know that I have to live like this (medicated) for the rest of my life now.

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2010-04-10 12:28 am

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday [ profile] geojlc! Many Hugs and birthday wishes sent your way!
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2010-02-25 05:42 am

Next chapter in life?

This last week after going to my main doctor a month ago, I have seen 2 more new doctors. I am so glad that I have answers after nearly 10 years of medical issues stacking up on each other. You dont know how much of a relief it is to finaly know what is going on and the root cause of things in my medical life.

Tuesdays Doctor: He is a sleep specialest. He wants me to go in for a sleep study, and told me that a few things could happen. I will either need to have a tonsillectomy, and or be put on a c-pap machine. We will see how the sleep study goes. He believes that out of the 4 stages of sleep, I am only getting through stage 1 and 2. These are the two stages that keep you from going crazy. Stages 3 and 4 are stages of sleep that helps your body repair. That being said, He has dignosed me so far with chronic fatigue syndrome which was caused by chronic pain. After the sleep study, I will then seen about the Sleep Apnea. More then likly I do have it, I just have to go through the formailitys of it. He gave me 2 referials to see two other doctors, and put me on Nortriptyline to help me try to get some sleep. or at least that is one of the things this medication is used for.

Wensdays Doctor: After a long talk, a bit of tears, poking and proding and bending in painful ways, he has bluntly said yesterday that I have Fibromyalgia. This has symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, and osteo and rheumatoid arthritis which we all know I have. He also told me that I wasnt crazy. For many years now I have been going into the doctors for the current issues I had at the time. Both my main doctor nor I really took a look at the whole picture. we would treat the symptoms as they came, not the root cause of things. So the peices were never put togeather. This doctor put me on a medication called Savella.

I am still on other pain meds too, but now that we know what is going on, we can start a type of treatment that will work better for me then what I have been doing which was hobbling along and putting a bandaid over somthing that needed stiches.

Needless to say, all my bitching, complaining, not able to walk at times, taking at times over 2 hours to get out of bed physicaly, or do anything, started some people to say that I was a hypochondriac, or faking what was going on. I am not. There was a reason why I was feeling the way I was and the way I do now. It has hurt me often times when I hear that someone thinks this of me and that no one would believe me. The doctor asked me when when was the last time I enjoyed shopping? he also asked when was the last time I could walk around costco with out hurting? He make me feel like I wasnt crazy, that I wasnt alone, and he know excatualy what I was going through. He even got my daugher to give answers about how I feel, how when she hugs me sometimes I start to cry in pain.

I have been not talking much online since September. I was put down so hard that I started to feel that maybe some of these people were right. Maybe it was all in my head. Now that I started this round of doctors visits, will people start to believe me?

Hopefuly I will be up to par by the Convention so I do not let people down.

I would like to thank all the people that HAVE been supportive and those that believed in me.
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2010-02-18 07:03 pm

(no subject)

*la sigh*

Moving on...

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2010-01-19 03:50 am

Making a difference, one step at a time...

The CBS Evening News did a story recently that talked about the water supply that we have on Earth. They went further to state how even though earth is full abundance of water, actually usable drinking water is, if I remember correctly, less than 1% of total water. (Correct me if I am wrong, I can’t find the story to cite my source.) After each of us finish each day, doing laundry, brushing teeth, taking showers, doing dishes, flushing the toilet, and everything else, the average American uses over 100 gallons of water a day.
The last couple of days, I have been trying to figure out what I use water on, and how to use less, or how to change my habits and the house habits over all. This overall not only will help make the little water we have left on Earth last longer, but also reduce my water bill as well. I am going to make a list of things that I thought of, and things that have already been said repeatedly with others. I hope that in sharing my thoughts others would pass the word and work on lessening their water usage too. Please feel free to add more water saving tips, and repost or link to this post.

Taking a Shower

Take showers instead of baths. I know all of us love baths every now and then, and heaven knows we all need them for stress relief or what not. Baths use more water than what a shower consumes.

Try to take fast showers. If you where to plug the bathtub to see how much water you use, it also can help you gage how fast you are taking a shower. If the bathtub starts to get higher than your ankle, the shower is going to long. Try to find ways to take short cuts. Scrub faster?

Wash your hair first don’t rinse it right away, quickly go to washing your body, and while you are washing your body, stand under the shower and rinse your hair. This is one of those "killing two birds with one stone" kind of ideas. I have long hair down to my waist right now and it does work well.

When waiting for the water to warm up in the shower, don’t wait long. I angle the showerhead away from me and stand in the tub. As soon as I can comfortably get into the shower, I do so. This cuts down on water wasting while you wait.

Kitchen Sink

This one was impressive for me. If many of you ever been to my house, you know I LOVE plants. I have them all over. While I was waiting for the water to get hot for me to put on the stove for dinner, and wash some knives, I was staring off and saw that the water was just going down the drain. I was thinking about how could I save the water, I looked up and saw my plants. (Queue up the light turning on.)

While you wait for the water temperature to be what you need, gather the water in a glass or two and use it to water your plants, water the animals, or even fill the water filter.

Get a bowl/tub/pan to leave in the sink so when you are washing dishes by hand you can use the hot water in the receptacle again lessening the water that goes down the drain.

Clean off your dishes as soon as possable. The longer it sets waiting for you to clean it, the harder it becomes and requires more scrubbing and more water to loosen the stuff.


As gross as it may, in reality it isn’t that bad. My kids, repeated by my husband, brought home a phrase that has been sticking in my head for a little time. I understand it is grose when this happens in a place you don't know the people that do it. Part of why I don’t complain much when it happens at the house. "If it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown flush it down." Why is this not so bad? You body had a built in filter for your urine. The kidneys process the blood supply, removing the water-soluble waste from the and passing the waste on to be stored in the bladder. When urine exits your body it actually is sterile. Let the yellow mellow a few times a day. If we were to do this at home, it would save gallons of water a day over all.

When brushing your teeth you can do one of two things, Either have a glass of water near for you to fill and use instead of running the water, or turn off the water while you are scrubbing. Also reduce the flow of water to a soft mild flow, you don’t need it full blast to get water to rinse your mouth.

When washing your hands, also try to do the low flow especially while you are scrubbing your hands with soup. The water just goes just waiting for you to use. If you have the water on less, you use less while you wait. Or even better, Have a bottle of hand sanitizer also available where you wash your hands, reducing even more water consumption.


Try to have plants that use less water and do not require high water. Shade also helps in your grass not needing to be watered. Rock gardens, arid friendly plants… all a plus.

Don’t cut the grass too short, especially on very hot days. Try to cut the grass close to the end of the day.

If you have to water your grass do it at night. If that is not an option, invite the neighborhood kids over for a run in the sprinklers, or even get environmentally friendly soap and wash the pet. :)

Hope this gave some people food for thought. Again, please feel free to add more if you can.
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2010-01-15 11:47 pm

Craft Score card

So I didnt publicaly post what I choose to do for a New Year resulation (appologizing now for my very bad spelling today).

Here it is now. I have decided to do/finish craft projects around the house before I can start new ones. My goal is to complete 2 projects (or more) for ever one NEW project I go get material for. I also am trying to use up all the extra material I have around the house before I get more to make other projects. It is amazing how you tend to find ways to do things with out spending more money when you are dead broke. This resulation is a very difficult thing for me. Often times I find I start projects and put them down because I get bored with them. This is why I know so many crafts so I can switch projects from knitting, to crocheting, tatting, cross stich, painting, spinning yarn, among other crafts. I have so much yarn it isnt funny.

At first because I do switch projects so much, I thought this was going to be hard for me. but once I just started jumping with both feet, it started to get easyer for me. With out buying new stuff (someone gave me 3 scanes of yarn to make him stuff so that doesnt count) here is my score card of projects I have finished as of today. Note that this was all done using old material I had.

1 blanket
4 knitted hats
2 knitted scarfs
1 crochet scarf
2 different batched of single ply lace waight yarn

I have 3 projects I am currently working on are put on hold until I get some help or magic happenings with the pattern I am reading. Let's see how long I can do this. I think this might actualy work for me.
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2010-01-15 11:26 pm

Help wanted

If you arnt a craft person, then just skip the rest of this post.

I am looking for an intermediant or above level person that can crochet. I have 3 projects that involve crochet that I have had to come to a screching halt beacuse I dont understand the pattern I am reading. Normaily I am rather good at this and can figure out patterns fast. This time for some reason, I just can not get my brain to click. If anyone has time to help me, Please let me know. Call me? Email me? I need to get these done soon because they are a gift for my youngest sister who is having her first baby in April.


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2009-12-14 10:21 pm

Thank you

I special thanks to [ profile] digitaleopard! YOu brought a smile to my night. Thank you!
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2009-12-04 04:16 pm

Needs a good home

I am looking to sell my late 1800's full size shop violin. It has a beautyful sound, new strings, new soundpost and new bridge. The violin is make up of 3 differnt woods, which is what makes it a shop violin. The back boad of it is dated at 1736 strat, but doing research, it is extra peaces from the shop, not a strat its self. The case on the inside is in great condition, the outside has seen a little wear. I will have pictures soon to email you if you are interested.

and the cheesy line: Makes a good holiday present


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2009-12-01 10:38 pm

Where have you gone?....

I let someone borrow 2 of my books a while back about teaching your self HTML visualy. I have forgotten who I let borrow them. If you have these books, can you please let me know and return them to me? I have a project I need to work on, and need them back please.


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2009-11-15 05:30 pm


Sometimes you need to step away from it all and refocus on things. I am still here, just... Quiet.
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2009-10-08 12:06 pm

A crushed heart, Moving on, and I am sorry

Ever have those moments where you don't know what to write. If you say something it will be taken wrong on many different levels. I can't talk about much of what is going on because of past requests.

Needless to say my mind is full of poisonous thought from vial words of a friend that linger in my crushed heart. These words from a once thought of good friend, someone I looked up to, have caused me to second guess everything and everyone around me. My actions, my thoughts, my love for my husband and friends. Am I really that cruel to others? Do I really have a black heart and dont' care for anyone or anyone elses feelings? Am I an awful mother? Do I abuse my children? What have I done?

Crying now for days, only sorrow ahead of me. I see no end. I thought I was happy, that I was a good friend to everyone.

I am sorry for letting you all down.

Now I guess is time to go back to being a wall flower, and do some soul searching.

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2009-10-05 12:15 am

ClarkZoo DVD recall

If you have these movies, Please let me know and maybe return them if you can. Thanks!

Castle in the Sky
End of days
Flight of the Phoenix
Forest Gump
Golden Compass
Green Mile
Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix
The Others (no disk)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Spirited Away
Sword in the Stone, The
Treasure Planet (Known)
Walk to Remember, A
Wedding Singer, The
Who Framed Roger Rabat
Ms. Petagrew (Known)
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2009-10-02 11:55 pm

Help wanted - anything would be great!

Looking for scrap Ribbon, lace, stringed beads, and fancy yarn, and things to hang on the end of yarn like bells. Please let me know if you have any to donate to a project. If you like the results of what I make, you may aquire a free set of what I am making for your help. No, I am not going to give away what I am doing, because if it doesn't work, I don't want to feel bad. Any help? (x-posted on FB)