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Ok, for all of you that told me NOT to look in my closet, I want you to know, I listened and did not look. But apperantly it was driving my husband nuts because he had this birthday present in there for me, and I took all of the advice you gave in all its glory.

He broke down and pulled it out of the closet for me after I would not look. The item I recived was a pink Nintendo DS Lite. For those that are going, "What is the world is that?" It is basically a Nintendo Gameboy on steroids. It has two touch screens and folds in half. It's a competitor to the Sony PSP, but after much reasearch I decied that I liked more of the games that Nintendo produced more than what Sony's. I also recived Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 by my room mate, [ profile] digitaleopard. This game is where you play a guitar and press buttons to the beat. Kind of like DDR, but only with a guitar.

And a dead Dell laptop harddrive. That was a birthday present I could do without. I wonder how much a new one is...

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